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Manne SL, Myers-Virtue S, Kashy DA, Ozga M, Kissane D, Heckman C, Morgan M. Therapy processes, progress, and outcomes for 2 therapies for gynecological cancer patients. Psychooncology. 2017 Dec;26(12):2069-2078. PMID: 27870116; PMCID: PMC5526739.
Manne SL (CPC)

Manne SL, Kashy D, Siegel SD, Heckman CJ. Group therapy processes and treatment outcomes in 2 couple-focused group interventions for breast cancer patients. Psychooncology. 2017 Dec;26(12):2175-2185. PMID: 27885746; PMCID: PMC5548627.
Manne SL (CPC)

Stapleton JL, Manne SL, Greene K, Darabos K, Carpenter A, Hudson SV, Coups EJ. Sociocultural experiences, body image, and indoor tanning among young adult women. J Health Psychol. 2017 Oct;22(12):1582-1590. PMID: 26929174; PMCID: PMC5083226.
Stapleton JL (CPC), Manne SL (CPC), Greene K (CPC), Hudson SV (CPC), Coups EJ (CPC)
E JY, Lu SE, Lin Y, Graber JM, Rotter D, Zhang L, Petersen GM, Demissie K, Lu-Yao G, Tan XL. Differential and Joint Effects of Metformin and Statins on Overall Survival of Elderly Patients with Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma: A Large Population-Based Study. Cancer Epidemiol. Biomarkers Prev. 2017 Aug;26(8):1225-1232. PMID: 28619830; PMCID: PMC5540782.
Graber JM (CPC), Demissie K (CPC), Tan XL (CPC)

Delnevo CD, Hrywna M, Giovenco DP, Miller Lo EJ, O'Connor RJ. Close, but no cigar: certain cigars are pseudo-cigarettes designed to evade regulation. Tob Control. 2017 May;26(3):349-354. PMID: 27220622; PMCID: PMC5482568.
Delnevo CD (CPC)

Davis SN, Christy SM, Chavarria EA, Abdulla R, Sutton SK, Schmidt AR, Vadaparampil ST, Quinn GP, Simmons VN, Ufondu CB, Ravindra C, Schultz I, Roetzheim RG, Shibata D, Meade CD, Gwede CK. A randomized controlled trial of a multicomponent, targeted, low-literacy educational intervention compared with a nontargeted intervention to boost colorectal cancer screening with fecal immunochemical testing in community clinics. Cancer. 2017 Apr 15;123(8):1390-1400. PMID: 27906448; PMCID: PMC5384866.
Davis SN (CPC)

O'Malley D, Hudson SV, Nekhlyudov L, Howard J, Rubinstein E, Lee HS, Overholser LS, Shaw A, Givens S, Burton JS, Grunfeld E, Parry C, Crabtree BF. Learning the landscape: implementation challenges of primary care innovators around cancer survivorship care. J Cancer Surviv. 2017 Feb;11(1):13-23. PMID: 27277895; PMCID: PMC5145775.
Hudson SV (CPC), Crabtree BF (CPC)

Gonzalez BD, Manne SL, Stapleton J, Myers-Virtue S, Ozga M, Kissane D, Heckman C, Morgan M. Quality of life trajectories after diagnosis of gynecologic cancer: a theoretically based approach. Support Care Cancer. 2017 Feb;25(2):589-598. PMID: 27757706; PMCID: PMC5199611.
Gonzalez BD (CPC), Manne SL (CPC), Stapleton J (CPC)

Manne SL, Virtue SM, Ozga M, Kashy D, Heckman C, Kissane D, Rosenblum N, Morgan M, Rodriquez L. A comparison of two psychological interventions for newly-diagnosed gynecological cancer patients. Gynecol. Oncol. 2017 Feb;144(2):354-362. PMID: 27887806; PMCID: PMC5239741.
Manne SL (CPC), Rodriquez L (CIPT)

Stroup AM, Herget KA, Hanson HA, Reed DL, Butler JT, Henry KA, Harrell CJ, Sweeney C, Smith KR. Baby Boomers and Birth Certificates: Early-Life Socioeconomic Status and Cancer Risk in Adulthood. Cancer Epidemiol. Biomarkers Prev. 2017 Jan;26(1):75-84. PMID: 27655898; PMCID: PMC5225081.
Stroup AM (CPC)

Szamreta EA, Qin B, Ohman-Strickland PA, Devine KA, Stapleton JL, Ferrante JM, Bandera EV. Associations of Anthropometric, Behavioral, and Social Factors on Level of Body Esteem in Peripubertal Girls. J Dev Behav Pediatr. 2017 Jan;38(1):58-64. PMID: 27902543; PMCID: PMC5182085.
Devine KA (CPC), Stapleton JL (CPC), Ferrante JM (CPC), Bandera EV (CPC)

Nekhlyudov L, O'malley DM, Hudson SV. Integrating primary care providers in the care of cancer survivors: gaps in evidence and future opportunities. Lancet Oncol. 2017 Jan;18(1):e30-e38. PMID: 28049575; PMCID: PMC5553291.
Hudson SV (CPC)

Day AK, Coups EJ, Manne SL, Stapleton JL. Recall of indoor tanning salon warnings and safety guidelines among a national sample of tanners. Transl Behav Med. 2016 12;6(4):622-627. PMID: 27234149; PMCID: PMC5110492.
Coups EJ (CPC), Manne SL (CPC), Stapleton JL (CPC)

Hrywna M, Jane Lewis M, Mukherjea A, Banerjee SC, Steinberg MB, Delnevo CD. Awareness and Use of South Asian Tobacco Products Among South Asians in New Jersey. J Community Health. 2016 Dec;41(6):1122-1129. PMID: 27256410; PMCID: PMC5083141.
Jane Lewis M (CPC), Steinberg MB (CPC), Delnevo CD (CPC)

Manderski MT, Steinberg MB, Rahi KN, Banerjee SC, Delnevo CD. Surveillance of Tobacco Use Among South Asians in the US: Are We Underestimating Prevalence? J Community Health. 2016 Dec;41(6):1140-1145. PMID: 27470121; PMCID: PMC5083167.
Steinberg MB (CPC), Delnevo CD (CPC)

Wackowski OA, O'Connor RJ, Strasser AA, Hammond D, Villanti AC, Delnevo CD. Smokers' and e-cigarette users' perceptions of modified risk warnings for e-cigarettes. Prev Med Rep. 2016 Dec;4:309-12. PMID: 27486560; PMCID: PMC4960008.
Wackowski OA (CPC), Delnevo CD (CPC)

Bandera EV, Lee VS, Rodriguez-Rodriguez L, Powell CB, Kushi LH. Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Ovarian Cancer Treatment and Survival. Clin. Cancer Res. 2016 Dec 01;22(23):5909-5914. PMID: 27521449; PMCID: PMC5135649.
Bandera EV (CPC), Rodriguez-Rodriguez L (CIPT)

Wackowski OA, Lewis MJ, Delnevo CD. Interviews with smokers about smokeless tobacco products, risk messages and news articles. Tob Control. 2016 Nov;25(6):671-678. PMID: 26576840; PMCID: PMC4870160.
Wackowski OA (CPC), Lewis MJ (CPC), Delnevo CD (CPC)

Hudson SV, Ohman-Strickland PA, Bator A, O'Malley D, Gundersen D, Lee HS, Crabtree BF, Miller SM. Breast and prostate cancer survivors' experiences of patient-centered cancer follow-up care from primary care physicians and oncologists. J Cancer Surviv. 2016 Oct;10(5):906-14. PMID: 27034260; PMCID: PMC5065009.
Hudson SV (CPC), Crabtree BF (CPC)

Delnevo CD, Villanti AC, Wackowski OA, Gundersen DA, Giovenco DP. The influence of menthol, e-cigarettes and other tobacco products on young adults' self-reported changes in past year smoking. Tob Control. 2016 Sep;25(5):571-4. PMID: 26243809; PMCID: PMC4740271.
Delnevo CD (CPC), Wackowski OA (CPC)

Bandera EV, Qin B, Moorman PG, Alberg AJ, Barnholtz-Sloan JS, Bondy M, Cote ML, Funkhouser E, Peters ES, Schwartz AG, Terry P, Schildkraut JM. Obesity, weight gain, and ovarian cancer risk in African American women. Int. J. Cancer. 2016 08 01;139(3):593-600. PMID: 27038123; PMCID: PMC4982766.
Bandera EV (CPC)

Stapleton JL, Hillhouse J, Coups EJ, Pagoto S. Social media use and indoor tanning among a national sample of young adult nonHispanic white women: A cross-sectional study. J. Am. Acad. Dermatol. 2016 Jul;75(1):218-20. PMID: 27317521; PMCID: PMC4913779.
Stapleton JL (CPC), Coups EJ (CPC)

Wackowski OA, Delnevo CD. Young Adults' Risk Perceptions of Various Tobacco Products Relative to Cigarettes: Results From the National Young Adult Health Survey. Health Educ Behav. 2016 Jun;43(3):328-36. PMID: 26304709; PMCID: PMC4766060.
Wackowski OA (CPC), Delnevo CD (CPC)

Steinberg MB, Akincigil A, Kim EJ, Shallis R, Delnevo CD. Tobacco Smoking as a Risk Factor for Increased Antibiotic Prescription. Am J Prev Med. 2016 Jun;50(6):692-698. PMID: 26702478; PMCID: PMC5189690.
Steinberg MB (CPC), Delnevo CD (CPC)

Manne S, Mee L, Bartell A, Sands S, Kashy DA. A randomized clinical trial of a parent-focused social-cognitive processing intervention for caregivers of children undergoing hematopoetic stem cell transplantation. J Consult Clin Psychol. 2016 May;84(5):389-401. PMID: 26913620; PMCID: PMC5580924.
Manne S (CPC)

Manne S, Hudson SV, Baredes S, Stroup A, Virtue SM, Paddock L, Kalyoussef E. Survivorship care experiences, information, and support needs of patients with oral and oropharyngeal cancer. Head Neck. 2016 Apr;38 Suppl 1:E1935-46. PMID: 26788714; PMCID: PMC4844877.
Manne S (CPC), Hudson SV (CPC), Stroup A (CPC)

Steinberg ML, Williams JM, Stahl NF, Budsock PD, Cooperman NA. An Adaptation of Motivational Interviewing Increases Quit Attempts in Smokers With Serious Mental Illness. Nicotine Tob. Res. 2016 Mar;18(3):243-50. PMID: 25744954; PMCID: PMC4750086.
Steinberg ML (CPC)

Stapleton JL, Tatum KL, Devine KA, Stephens S, Masterson M, Baig A, Hudson SV, Coups EJ. Skin Cancer Surveillance Behaviors Among Childhood Cancer Survivors. Pediatr Blood Cancer. 2016 Mar;63(3):554-7. PMID: 26513138; PMCID: PMC4724328.
Stapleton JL (CPC), Devine KA (CPC), Hudson SV (CPC), Coups EJ (CPC)

Xu S, Markson C, Costello KL, Xing CY, Demissie K, Llanos AA. Leveraging Social Media to Promote Public Health Knowledge: Example of Cancer Awareness via Twitter. JMIR Public Health Surveill. 2016 Jan-Jun;2(1):e17. PMID: 27227152; PMCID: PMC4869239.
Demissie K (CPC), Llanos AA (CPC)

Llanos AA, Chandwani S, Bandera EV, Hirshfield KM, Lin Y, Ambrosone CB, Demissie K. Associations between sociodemographic and clinicopathological factors and breast cancer subtypes in a population-based study. Cancer Causes Control. 2015 Dec;26(12):1737-50. PMID: 26376894; PMCID: PMC4628597.
Llanos AA (CPC), Bandera EV (CPC), Hirshfield KM (GICG), Demissie K (CPC)

Stapleton JL, Manne SL, Darabos K, Greene K, Ray AE, Turner AL, Coups EJ. Randomized controlled trial of a web-based indoor tanning intervention: Acceptability and preliminary outcomes. Health Psychol. 2015 Dec;34S:1278-85. PMID: 26651469; PMCID: PMC4681403.
Stapleton JL (CPC), Manne SL (CPC), Greene K (CPC), Coups EJ (CPC)

Wackowski OA, Delnevo CD. Smokers' attitudes and support for e-cigarette policies and regulation in the USA. Tob Control. 2015 Nov;24(6):543-6. PMID: 25564281; PMCID: PMC4540684.
Wackowski OA (CPC), Delnevo CD (CPC)

Myers Virtue S, Manne SL, Kashy D, Heckman CJ, Zaider T, Kissane DW, Kim I, Lee D, Olekson G. Correspondence of physical activity and fruit/vegetable consumption among prostate cancer survivors and their spouses. Eur J Cancer Care (Engl). 2015 Nov;24(6):827-39. PMID: 25807856; PMCID: PMC4733598.
Manne SL (CPC), Kim I (CIPT)

Giovenco DP, Hammond D, Corey CG, Ambrose BK, Delnevo CD. E-Cigarette Market Trends in Traditional U.S. Retail Channels, 2012-2013. Nicotine Tob. Res. 2015 Oct;17(10):1279-83. PMID: 25542918; PMCID: PMC4683368.
Delnevo CD (CPC)

Wackowski OA, Delnevo CD, Pearson JL. Switching to E-Cigarettes in the Event of a Menthol Cigarette Ban. Nicotine Tob. Res. 2015 Oct;17(10):1286-7. PMID: 25634935; PMCID: PMC4592340.
Wackowski OA (CPC), Delnevo CD (CPC)

Hillhouse J, Stapleton JL, Florence LC, Pagoto S. Prevalence and Correlates of Indoor Tanning in Nonsalon Locations Among a National Sample of Young Women. JAMA Dermatol. 2015 Oct;151(10):1134-6. PMID: 26108092; PMCID: PMC5087140.
Stapleton JL (CPC)

Manne SL, Kissane D, Zaider T, Kashy D, Lee D, Heckman C, Virtue SM. Holding back, intimacy, and psychological and relationship outcomes among couples coping with prostate cancer. J Fam Psychol. 2015 Oct;29(5):708-19. PMID: 26192132; PMCID: PMC5225663.
Manne SL (CPC)

Miller SM, Hudson SV, Hui SK, Diefenbach MA, Fleisher L, Raivitch S, Belton T, Roy G, Njoku A, Scarpato J, Viterbo R, Buyyounouski M, Denlinger C, Miyamoto C, Reese A, Baman J. Development and preliminary testing of PROGRESS: a Web-based education program for prostate cancer survivors transitioning from active treatment. J Cancer Surviv. 2015 Sep;9(3):541-53. PMID: 25697335; PMCID: PMC4537811.
Hudson SV (CPC)

Nagle CM, Dixon SC, Jensen A, Kjaer SK, Modugno F, deFazio A, Fereday S, Hung J, Johnatty SE, Australian Ovarian Cancer Study Group, Fasching PA, Beckmann MW, Lambrechts D, Vergote I, Van Nieuwenhuysen E, Lambrechts S, Risch HA, Rossing MA, Doherty JA, Wicklund KG, Chang-Claude J, Goodman MT, Ness RB, Moysich K, Heitz F, du Bois A, Harter P, Schwaab I, Matsuo K, Hosono S, Goode EL, Vierkant RA, Larson MC, Fridley BL, Høgdall C, Schildkraut JM, Weber RP, Cramer DW, Terry KL, Bandera EV, Paddock L, Rodriguez-Rodriguez L, Wentzensen N, Yang HP, Brinton LA, Lissowska J, Høgdall E, Lundvall L, Whittemore A, McGuire V, Sieh W, Rothstein J, Sutphen R, Anton-Culver H, Ziogas A, Pearce CL, Wu AH, Webb PM, Ovarian Cancer Association Consortium. Obesity and survival among women with ovarian cancer: results from the Ovarian Cancer Association Consortium. Br. J. Cancer. 2015 Sep 01;113(5):817-26. PMID: 26151456; PMCID: PMC4559823.
Bandera EV (CPC), Rodriguez-Rodriguez L (CIPT)

Bandera EV, Lee VS, Rodriguez-Rodriguez L, Powell CB, Kushi LH. Impact of Chemotherapy Dosing on Ovarian Cancer Survival According to Body Mass Index. JAMA Oncol. 2015 Sep;1(6):737-45. PMID: 26181758; PMCID: PMC4567489.
Bandera EV (CPC), Rodriguez-Rodriguez L (CIPT)

Stapleton JL, Turrisi R, Mallett KA, Robinson JK. Correspondence between pigmented lesions identified by melanoma patients trained to perform partner-assisted skin self-examination and dermatological examination. Cancer Epidemiol. Biomarkers Prev. 2015 Aug;24(8):1247-53. PMID: 26063475; PMCID: PMC4526328.
Stapleton JL (CPC)

Goyal S, Chandwani S, Haffty BG, Demissie K. Effect of travel distance and time to radiotherapy on likelihood of receiving mastectomy. Ann. Surg. Oncol. 2015 Apr;22(4):1095-101. PMID: 25245129; PMCID: PMC5361213.
Haffty BG (CIPT), Demissie K (CPC)

Bandera EV, Chandran U, Hong CC, Troester MA, Bethea TN, Adams-Campbell LL, Haiman CA, Park SY, Olshan AF, Ambrosone CB, Palmer JR, Rosenberg L. Obesity, body fat distribution, and risk of breast cancer subtypes in African American women participating in the AMBER Consortium. Breast Cancer Res. Treat. 2015 Apr;150(3):655-66. PMID: 25809092; PMCID: PMC4440799.
Bandera EV (CPC)

Hershman DL, Tsui J, Wright JD, Coromilas EJ, Tsai WY, Neugut AI. Household net worth, racial disparities, and hormonal therapy adherence among women with early-stage breast cancer. J. Clin. Oncol. 2015 Mar 20;33(9):1053-9. PMID: 25691670; PMCID: PMC4356713.
Tsui J (CPC)

George P, Chandwani S, Gabel M, Ambrosone CB, Rhoads G, Bandera EV, Demissie K. Diagnosis and surgical delays in African American and white women with early-stage breast cancer. J Womens Health (Larchmt). 2015 Mar;24(3):209-17. PMID: 25650628; PMCID: PMC4442576.
Bandera EV (CPC), Demissie K (CPC)

Jane Lewis M, Bover Manderski MT, Delnevo CD. Tobacco industry direct mail receipt and coupon use among young adult smokers. Prev Med. 2015 Feb;71:37-9. PMID: 25511177; PMCID: PMC4449137.
Jane Lewis M (CPC), Delnevo CD (CPC)

Llanos AA, Marian C, Brasky TM, Dumitrescu RG, Liu Z, Mason JB, Makambi KH, Spear SL, Kallakury BV, Freudenheim JL, Shields PG. Associations between genetic variation in one-carbon metabolism and LINE-1 DNA methylation in histologically normal breast tissues. Epigenetics. 2015;10(8):727-35. PMID: 26090795; PMCID: PMC4623023.
Llanos AA (CPC)

Steinberg MB, Giovenco DP, Delnevo CD. Patient-physician communication regarding electronic cigarettes. Prev Med Rep. 2015;2:96-8. PMID: 26844056; PMCID: PMC4721470.
Steinberg MB (CPC), Delnevo CD (CPC)

Coups EJ, Stapleton JL, Manne SL, Hudson SV, Medina-Forrester A, Rosenberg SA, Gordon M, Tatum KS, Robinson JK, Natale-Pereira A, Goydos JS. Psychosocial correlates of sun protection behaviors among U.S. Hispanic adults. J Behav Med. 2014 Dec;37(6):1082-90. PMID: 24532153; PMCID: PMC4134426.
Coups EJ (CPC), Stapleton JL (CPC), Manne SL (CPC), Hudson SV (CPC), Goydos JS (CIPT)
Gundersen DA, Peters KR, Conner A, Dayton J, Delnevo CD. Stability of sample quality for a national random-digit dialing cellular phone survey of young adults. Am. J. Epidemiol. 2014 Nov 15;180(10):1047-9. PMID: 25352574; PMCID: PMC4224366.
Delnevo CD (CPC)

Steinberg MB, Zimmermann MH, Delnevo CD, Lewis MJ, Shukla P, Coups EJ, Foulds J. E-cigarette versus nicotine inhaler: comparing the perceptions and experiences of inhaled nicotine devices. J Gen Intern Med. 2014 Nov;29(11):1444-50. PMID: 24830741; PMCID: PMC4238186.
Steinberg MB (CPC), Delnevo CD (CPC), Lewis MJ (CPC), Coups EJ (CPC)

Zimmermann MH, Richardson DL, Manderski MT, Delnevo CD, Steinberg MB. Relighting behaviour among cigarette smokers seeking treatment: implications for tobacco treatment and policy. Int. J. Clin. Pract. 2014 Nov;68(11):1358-63. PMID: 25113663; PMCID: PMC5270767.
Delnevo CD (CPC), Steinberg MB (CPC)

Giovenco DP, Lewis MJ, Delnevo CD. Factors associated with e-cigarette use: a national population survey of current and former smokers. Am J Prev Med. 2014 Oct;47(4):476-80. PMID: 24880986; PMCID: PMC4214213.
Lewis MJ (CPC), Delnevo CD (CPC)

Chandwani S, George PA, Azu M, Bandera EV, Ambrosone CB, Rhoads GG, Demissie K. Role of preoperative magnetic resonance imaging in the surgical management of early-stage breast cancer. Ann. Surg. Oncol. 2014 Oct;21(11):3473-80. PMID: 24912611; PMCID: PMC4440653.
Bandera EV (CPC), Demissie K (CPC)

Wackowski OA, Manderski MT, Delnevo CD. Young adults' behavioral intentions surrounding a potential menthol cigarette ban. Nicotine Tob. Res. 2014 Jun;16(6):876-80. PMID: 24514070; PMCID: PMC4015098.
Wackowski OA (CPC), Delnevo CD (CPC)

Manne S, Kashy DA, Siegel S, Myers Virtue S, Heckman C, Ryan D. Unsupportive partner behaviors, social-cognitive processing, and psychological outcomes in couples coping with early stage breast cancer. J Fam Psychol. 2014 Apr;28(2):214-24. PMID: 24611691; PMCID: PMC4050663.
Manne S (CPC)

Delnevo CD, Wackowski OA, Giovenco DP, Manderski MT, Hrywna M, Ling PM. Examining market trends in the United States smokeless tobacco use: 2005-2011. Tob Control. 2014 Mar;23(2):107-12. PMID: 23117999; PMCID: PMC3604094.
Delnevo CD (CPC), Wackowski OA (CPC)

Pagoto S, Hillhouse J, Heckman CJ, Coups EJ, Stapleton J, Buller D, Turrisi R, Robinson J, Geller AC. Society of Behavioral Medicine (SBM) position statement: ban indoor tanning for minors. Transl Behav Med. 2014 Mar;4(1):124-6. PMID: 24653783; PMCID: PMC3958596.
Coups EJ (CPC), Stapleton J (CPC)

Chandran U, Zirpoli G, Ciupak G, McCann SE, Gong Z, Pawlish K, Lin Y, Demissie K, Ambrosone CB, Bandera EV. Racial disparities in red meat and poultry intake and breast cancer risk. Cancer Causes Control. 2013 Dec;24(12):2217-29. PMID: 24091794; PMCID: PMC3873343.
Demissie K (CPC), Bandera EV (CPC)

Bandera EV, Chandran U, Zirpoli G, Ciupak G, Bovbjerg DH, Jandorf L, Pawlish K, Freudenheim JL, Ambrosone CB. Body size in early life and breast cancer risk in African American and European American women. Cancer Causes Control. 2013 Dec;24(12):2231-43. PMID: 24113797; PMCID: PMC3886722.
Bandera EV (CPC)

Hudson SV. Continuous primary care is central to comprehensive cancer care: are we ready to meet growing needs? J Am Board Fam Med. 2013 Nov-Dec;26(6):623-5. PMID: 24204057; PMCID: PMC4294578.
Hudson SV (CPC)

Steinberg MB, Delnevo CD. Increasing the “smoking age”: the right thing to do. Ann. Intern. Med. 2013 Oct 15;159(8):558-9. PMID: 23975346; PMCID: PMC5726390.
Steinberg MB (CPC), Delnevo CD (CPC)

Bandera EV, Chandran U, Zirpoli G, Gong Z, McCann SE, Hong CC, Ciupak G, Pawlish K, Ambrosone CB. Body fatness and breast cancer risk in women of African ancestry. BMC Cancer. 2013 Oct 14;13:475. PMID: 24118876; PMCID: PMC3853021.
Bandera EV (CPC)

Chandran U, Zirpoli G, Ciupak G, McCann SE, Gong Z, Pawlish K, Lin Y, Demissie K, Ambrosone CB, Bandera EV. Does alcohol increase breast cancer risk in African-American women? Findings from a case-control study. Br. J. Cancer. 2013 Oct 01;109(7):1945-53. PMID: 24008665; PMCID: PMC3790168.
Demissie K (CPC), Bandera EV (CPC)

Ferrante JM, Lee JH, McCarthy EP, Fisher KJ, Chen R, Gonzalez EC, Love-Jackson K, Roetzheim RG. Primary care utilization and colorectal cancer incidence and mortality among Medicare beneficiaries: a population-based, case-control study. Ann. Intern. Med. 2013 10 01;159(7):437-446. PMID: 24081284; PMCID: PMC4605549.
Ferrante JM (CPC)

Wackowski OA, Lewis MJ, Delnevo CD, Ling PM. A content analysis of smokeless tobacco coverage in U.S. newspapers and news wires. Nicotine Tob. Res. 2013 Jul;15(7):1289-96. PMID: 23288875; PMCID: PMC3693504.
Wackowski OA (CPC), Lewis MJ (CPC), Delnevo CD (CPC)

Steinberg ML, Williams JM. State, but not trait, measures of persistence are related to negative affect. J Stud Alcohol Drugs. 2013 Jul;74(4):584-8. PMID: 23739022; PMCID: PMC3711349.
Steinberg ML (CPC)

Coups EJ, Stapleton JL, Hudson SV, Medina-Forrester A, Rosenberg SA, Gordon MA, Natale-Pereira A, Goydos JS. Linguistic acculturation and skin cancer-related behaviors among Hispanics in the southern and western United States. JAMA Dermatol. 2013 Jun;149(6):679-86. PMID: 23752366; PMCID: PMC3689859.
Coups EJ (CPC), Stapleton JL (CPC), Hudson SV (CPC), Goydos JS (CIPT)

Stapleton JL, Coups EJ, Hillhouse J. The American Suntanning Association: a "science-first organization" with a biased scientific agenda. JAMA Dermatol. 2013 May;149(5):523-4. PMID: 23677074; PMCID: PMC4199829.
Stapleton JL (CPC), Coups EJ (CPC)

Coups EJ, Stapleton JL, Hudson SV, Medina-Forrester A, Rosenberg SA, Gordon M, Natale-Pereira A, Goydos JS. Skin cancer surveillance behaviors among US Hispanic adults. J. Am. Acad. Dermatol. 2013 Apr;68(4):576-84. PMID: 23182066; PMCID: PMC3608735.
Coups EJ (CPC), Stapleton JL (CPC), Hudson SV (CPC), Goydos JS (CIPT)

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Bandera EV (CPC), Rodriguez-Rodriguez L (CIPT)

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