The Resource Room

In the Resource Room, a library professional is available to help you fulfill your information needs.  We can provide you with materials on topics such as cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment, symptom management, end-of-life care, nutrition, clinical trials, support, caregiving, alternative and complementary therapies, emotional health and wellbeing, and family care issues. You can also find out more about the cancer services offered at the Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey.  As well as one-to-one assistance, internet access is available for health research. 

Find out what we've added most recently to the library.  When available, click on the title's link to learn more about each book.

The Resource Room offers:

  • Computers with access to online resources and credible health websites.
  • Consumer health books, magazines, brochures and newsletters.
  • Interactive computer programs and CD-ROMs on specific types of cancers.
  • Health education DVDs.
  • Medical reference books.
  • Spanish language material.
  • Children's books.
  • Portable DVD players and recreational DVDs.
  • Playaway devices and CDs for relaxation.
  • iPads for games, movies, music and internet.


Latest Additions to the Library


The anxiety & phobia workbook (2020) by Edmund Bourne.  With this workbook, you'll learn a range of proven methods for overcoming anxiety, such as relaxation and breathing techniques, challenging negative self-talk and mistaken beliefs, and imagery and real-life desensitization.

Coping with anxiety (2016) by Edmund Bourne and Lorna Garano.  User-friendly, and effective strategies are designed to help you overcome anxiety.  Updated edition.

Feeling great : the revolutionary new treatment for depression and anxiety (2020) by David Burns.  Based on 40 years of research and more than 40,000 hours treating individuals with severe mood problems.

Hormone repair manual : every woman's guide to healthy hormones after 40 (2021) by Lara Briden.  A guide to understanding and overcoming the symptoms of perimenopause and menopause.

I've been diagnosed, now what? (2020) by Katrece Nolen.  A seven-year survivor of Stage 3 Inflammatory Breast Cancer, shares her journey from uninformed patient to self-advocate.

The menopause manifesto (2021) by Jen Gunter.  Filled with practical, reassuring information, this essential guide will revolutionize how women experience menopause.

Perimenopause : the savvy sister's guide to hormone harmony (2019) by Anna Garrett.  Everything you need to know about your body and how to care for it to create hormone harmony.

Prostate cancer and the man you love : supporting and caring for your partner (2022) by Anne Katz.  Speaks to the loving partners/spouses of men with prostate cancer, whether soon after diagnosis, or later when the man gets on with the rest of his life.  Updated edition.

Take charge of your thyroid disorder (2020) by Alan Christianson and Hy Bender.  This guide will help you find the answers you're looking for. 

Take charge of your depression : strategies to help you feel better now (2018) by Susan Noonan.  Provides people experiencing depression with strategies to take stock of their mental state, to chart a course toward emotional balance, and to track their progress on the journey to well-being.

Taking care of you : the empowered woman's guide to better health (2022) by Mary O'Connor and Kanwal Haq.  111 leading women physicians and health experts from all across the country contribute to this practical resource guide, helping women improve their health and obtain better healthcare.

The wisdom of menopause : creating physical and emotional health during the change (2021) by Christiane Northrup. Newly revised and updated.

Your complete guide to liver health : coping with fatty liver, hepatitis, cancer, and more (2022) by Paul Thuluvath.  Easy-to-follow language on how the liver is affected by various conditions and how each particular disease is diagnosed and treated.




January 2023