Tests and Scans

American Cancer Society: Exams and Tests for Cancer -  Learn about the tests doctors commonly use to look for and diagnose cancer, to help determine if it has spread, and to monitor it during treatment.
Also in Spanish.   

Cancer.Net: Tests and Procedures - This is the patient information Web site of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO). It is designed to help patients and families make informed health-care decisions. The most common diagnostic tests for cancer are described here.
Also in Spanish.

MedlinePlus - Diagnostic Tests - MedlinePlus has extensive information from the National Institutes of Health and other trusted sources on over 900 diseases and conditions. There are directories, a medical encyclopedia and a medical dictionary, easy-to-understand tutorials on common conditions, tests, and treatments, health information in Spanish, extensive information on prescription and nonprescription drugs, health information from the media, and links to thousands of clinical trials. This page specifically has information on a wide variety of common medical tests and screenings.  Also in Spanish
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NIH News in Health: Medical Scans Explained - This information is from a monthly newsletter from the National Institutes of Health, part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

RadiologyInfo.org - The website contains over 130 radiologic procedures and disease descriptions and is updated frequently with new information. All material on the RadiologyInfo.org website is reviewed and approved by experts in the field of radiology from the ACR and RSNA, as well as other professional radiology organizations.
Also in Spanish.

Testing.com - This site provides educational and informative content on not only tests you can get done inside of a lab but also in your own home.


Interactive Tutorials / Videos

Health Library: Procedures and Tests - You will find a collection of 3D animation videos on this site.  A few of the many are listed here:


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